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Arlo Training Software rated #1 in Capterra’s Top 20 report

Wellington, New Zealand 4/11/2019 — Arlo Software announced today that it has been named the #1 Learning Management System (LMS) software product by Capterra – the leading global marketplace for business software.

“Being rated as the best LMS by the industry’s leading tech comparison site is a great achievement. What’s even more pleasing is the overwhelmingly positive customer feedback that gave us an edge over the other systems. Our customers are telling us that we’re adding considerable value to their training businesses,” says John Mitchell, Arlo Chief Executive.

So how do you stand out in a cluttered LMS market? By not following everyone else.

“Most LMSs try to satisfy the needs of many types of customers. Because of this, their systems are broad and complex, and require heavy configuration, making them expensive to implement and maintain. In contrast, Arlo has built a tailored solution for a niche market: commercial training providers.”

“It helps training providers manage every part of their business, such as their public training schedule, private in-house courses and ongoing training contracts,” says Mitchell.

Arlo doesn’t try to do everything itself.

Instead, it integrates with market-leading systems like Moodle for hosting online content, GotoWebinar for webinars, Xero for accounting, WordPress for website management and CampaignMonitor for marketing campaigns.

It’s the combined power of these systems, with Arlo at the centre, that’s making Arlo’s learning and training management system so competitive on a global stage.

So what’s the future of learning?

Mr Mitchell and his team have a clear view.

“Here at Arlo, we believe that human interaction is still at the heart of effective learning. Our vision is to blend that human-centred philosophy with the latest elearning tech, to create magical learning experiences and profitable training businesses.”

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