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5 no-code workflows that will increase course registrations

An essential part of running a successful training business is to increase course registrations. While there are plenty of marketing tips and tricks to help you reach new audiences to grow your business, re-marketing to your existing customers is a tactic that many companies too often forget. Existing customers are your most valuable asset – they’re the ones that come back time and time again, become loyal advocates of your brand, and refer friends, family and colleagues. 

Regular communication with your existing customer database is paramount to retaining their business and their loyalty but keeping in touch can be time-consuming. Especially if you’re replicating data between systems and manually sending personalized communications.

With Arlo’s Zapier integration you can create automated workflows that do all of this for you, and more. Here are 5 workflows to increase course registrations. No code required.

5 workflows to increase course registrations

  1. Build your email list

Connect Arlo to Mailchimp and automatically build and update your email lists. When a new course attendee opts to “subscribe” to emails, this zap will automatically create a new attendee in Mailchimp and add them to an email list. Add them to lists such as “Marketing Newsletter”, or tag them with attributes like “past attendee”, so you can send them personalized communications. Create Zaps to automatically unsubscribe them should they choose to do so. You no longer have to replicate data between systems, and rely on manual processes to ensure your email subscriber lists are up to date.

See how to create a Zap for Arlo + Mailchimp.

  1. Nurture your email list

By building your email list, you now have the ability to keep in regular contact with your past course attendees. By sending subscribers regularly newsletters and marketing content, you ensure your brand remains top of mind, and your past customers are made aware of upcoming courses that may be of interest to them. Send exclusive offers and discounts to encourage them to attend a future course. Whether you use Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Hubspot – or other marketing automation or email newsletter tool! You can take advantage of the sophisticated features of your marketing automation tool and send your audience personalized communications.

See how to create a Zap for Arlo + Mailchimp.

  1. Publish new courses and events to your social media channels

Ensure your social media followers are kept up to date about all upcoming courses by connecting Arlo to your social media channels, such as Facebook pages. Create a Zap to automatically create a page post to share new courses with your social media networks. Delay the post to optimize it for popular times of the day, or particular time zones. You can even share event reminders too. A quick-fire way to increase course registrations!

See how to create a Zap for Arlo + Facebook Pages.

  1. Publish blog content to your social media channels

Keep your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds by automatically sharing your website blog posts and news to your social media channels – including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You can link your RSS feed to your social network and have Zapier automatically share everything you post, or you can customize your publishing by connecting Arlo and Buffer. Remove the manual task of publishing the same content across duplicate channels, and ensure you never forget to share that blog post again!

How to create a Zap for Arlo + Buffer.

  1. Send updates via SMS

Arlo’s Zapier integration with ClickSend SMS gives you yet another channel to stay in touch with existing customers, without the time-consuming manual work. Set-up a past-attendee list in ClickSend and create Zaps to send new course notifications to past registrants. Continue to nurture the relationship by sending them updates about their upcoming course, as well as a follow-up text when they complete the course.

How to create a Zap for Arlo + ClickSend.

You’ve already automated so many processes in your training business thanks to the Arlo training management system – why not take it a step further?

To find out more about Arlo’s Zapier Integration, check out our Introduction to Arlo’s Zapier Integration, or get in touch with us at support@arlo.co and we’ll help you get up and running with Zapier today.

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