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Coursecheck & Arlo

Getting online reviews from your delegates is important. It allows you to increase brand awareness, build trust with prospects, increase SEO and receive constructive feedback from which you can improve your offering. Coursecheck and Arlo’s training management system offer you a great solution to start getting reviews.

What is Coursecheck?

Coursecheck is designed specifically for training professionals who value, and depend upon, positive delegate experience. Coursecheck provides users:

  • Reports and dashboards that provide real-time reporting on course, location, and trainer performance.
  • Configurable delegate feedback forms.
  • Increased website visitors thanks to Google stars utilising your Coursecheck ratings.
  • Improved customer experience with the ability to promptly respond to delegate comments and views.
  • A widget for your website which displays in real-time, how many reviews you have, and what your average rating is.

Problems solved by Coursecheck

  • With paper feedback forms or even generic digital survey tools, it’s difficult and time-consuming to analyse the information collected.
  • Key information is often not immediately available, making it difficult for management to act promptly when they need to.
  • To be useful, feedback needs to be accurate, honest and complete. With paper forms, this is often not the case.
  • The traditional approach of publishing testimonials is of little value. As in their personal lives, customers now want to see all the supplier’s feedback. And they want to see it on an independent website.

Integrating Coursecheck with Arlo is simple

  1. Each Course (Arlo Course Template) is entered into Coursecheck. Course check is able to do this for you if there is a large number of courses you need to enter.
  2. Upcoming training course instances in Arlo are automatically uploaded to Coursecheck.
    • Coursecheck extracts information about upcoming events and courses on a scheduled basis, typically overnight, using Arlo’s robust API. The Coursecheck platform is concerned with upcoming events and would typically look two weeks ahead and one week back.

Feedback surveys and email invitations

  1. You set appropriate feedback questions (from a standard template or tailor your form to suit specific queries relating to the course) within Coursecheck.
  2. Delegates are automatically sent a link to the feedback survey.
  3. Delegates submit their feedback
  4. Responses received are immediately available to view in your Coursecheck dashboard. You are alerted to any issues, allowing you to respond as soon as possible.

Integrating Coursecheck widgets onto your course pages

There are two kinds of widgets offered by Coursecheck: course-level and company-level widgets. Course-level widgets display the aggregated count of all your reviews across all your courses. Company-level widgets display the star ratings and number of reviews for a specific course. Depending on how many reviews your company and certain courses have will determine which widget is best to be displayed. For popular courses with a lot of reviews, display the course-level widget. Otherwise show-off your company’s reviews with the company-level widget.

To get more information on how Arlo and Coursecheck work together, feel free to contact us today. For more information on Arlo’s other marketing tools that could help you promote your business, see our website.