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Best Event Management Softwares for #eventprofs

Finding the best event management software for your requirements can be difficult. No solution will ever 100% satisfy your needs, but there will be some that clearly stand out above the others. However, proper investigation takes time and effort, but when done properly the benefits are well worth it.

Event management softwares and systems offer managers and administrators immense benefits:

  • Complete event management solutions consolidate often disparate systems. As a result, administrators  have one place to view information, plan events and manage their offerings.
  • Event management softwares will reduce the manual administration tasks. This increases efficiency and gives managers the opportunity to focus on value adding tasks.
  • Event management softwares can give event providers a competitive advantage. Features that provide reporting insights, marketing tools and improved registrant experience will grow registrations.

Here are a few tips for choosing an event management solution that will be worth the effort and price and a few providers worth considering to grow your business.

Choosing the best event management softwares & solutions

Out of box – make sure that the solution will be able to meet majority of your needs right away. Avoid workarounds and custom development for your must have items. If the provider can’t service majority of your needs immediately, you might not be the best fit.

Scalability – ensure the solution will be able to meet your needs as you continue to grow into the future. Future proof your investment by ensuring that the provider has the capacity and innovation to keep up with your growth rather than limit it.

Transparent pricing – make sure the solution has transparent pricing with which you can compare other providers. Hidden costs are out there, don’t be caught in a trap.

Know yourself – know your businesses processes and requirements before seriously engaging a vendor. Take these requirements and relay them to the vendor. For both parties this will make adoption easier as you can clearly identify whether you the solution will work.

Know the provider – check their reviews over marketplaces, app stores, social media and software review sites. Every vendor will have some negative remarks, but you should watch out for repeated comments on the same issues and poor implementation and support.

Some favorite event management solutions


Trello offers a free and relatively customisable solution to better manage tasks and projects for teams or individuals. Trello offers users an online  visualisation for tasks similar to using sticky notes. Create cards for tasks and place them in lists named “To-do” or “completed”, or whatever suits your business’s processes.


Hootsuite gives users one platform to manage all their social media marketing. Scheduling tweets, Facebook and Linkedin posts easily and quickly all at the same time. In addition, view audience engagement and report on activity to gain valuable insight into your social media’s performance.


Arlo is a cloud-based training and event management system for managing, marketing and delivering physical and online courses and events. It provides streamlined event scheduling, online registrations, invoicing and receipting, runs marketing activities, and manages client records and relationships. Arlo has been recognised by many for providing a quality event management platform:

Arlo named in Capterra’s Top 20 Most User-Friendly Event Management Softwares.

Arlo listed in APAC CIO Outlook’s Top 25 Education Tech Providers.

Arlo named in Gartner’s LMS FrontRunners for 2017.

To find out more about how Arlo can help you visit our website or schedule a demonstration.

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