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Avoid these Training Pitfalls – Part Two

Prior to a registrant attending a course there are training pitfalls you must avoid: accurate and timely communication, prerequisite tasks and clear course objectives! To find out more about these read part one of our training experience. Assuming you have these covered, your registrants should arrive on time, with the right knowledge and expectations of course outcomes. However, you can’t stop there! There are a number of pitfalls that need to be avoided on the day of training too. Let us share our experience of a poor training session we attended, with you!

Extra for experts is not just for school homework!

At the training we recently attended, the diverse range in technical ability amongst attendees was evident.

Some learners found the exercises easy while others found it challenging to keep up with.

Because there was no extension work, the advanced learners were left with time on their hands, bored and frustrated. Those who required extra support felt they are consuming everyone else’s time. It is also difficult for the presenter, as they are unable to cater for everyone’s ability.

This could have been managed with a method of teaching called Peer Tutoring.  Advanced Learners could have been asked to teach others consolidating their recent learning and supporting those less able.

Having a range of content differing in difficulty, gives the presenter flexibility to cater to all learners present. Be prepared by having some extra material for faster learners. This material can also double as take home content for those who needed extra support. Good presenters cater for individual needs in content and delivery.

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