Webinar: Top Moodle Plugins to Include in Your Learning Program


This recorded webinar explores the top Moodle plugins and case studies for their use.


Moodle gives you the ability to choose from over 1,400 plugins. Your platform can therefore be customized to meet your specific needs. This recorded webinar explores some of the top Moodle plugin picks and case studies for their use.

In this video you’ll hear from:

  • Training management software Arlo about how to promote and sell your eLearning and instructor-led courses – including shopping cart (eCommerce), CRM, marketing tools and course management.
  • Reporting and analytics platform, IntelliBoard, about how you can leverage your valuable learning data. Inform decisions related to your learning programs and desired outcomes, and learn how you may be able to reach your educational goals faster.
  • Gamified training solution Motrain on how organizations can improve the timeliness and frequency of learning and increase course completion rates and engagement through interactive learning and tangible rewards.