Webinar: Moving from face-to-face training to live online


This recorded webinar from April 2nd 2020 explores how training providers can navigate Covid-19 by transitioning to live online webinars. Presented by Arlo’s Support team, it explored creating live and recorded webinars with Arlo, selling them on your website, and the role of platforms like Zoom and GoToWebinar.

These are challenging times for training providers. How can we combat this to keep our businesses afloat and even thrive?

One of the answers is Live Online Training, also known as Webinars! The good news is that it is not too difficult to get started.

Watch this recorded webinar, presented by Arlo’s Support team, to learn:

– Creating live and recorded webinars with Arlo
– Selling your online training on your website
– How you can integrate with various webinar tools like Zoom or GoToWebinar
– How to transfer registrants from an Arlo course to a webinar
– A real-life customer case study
– Q&A with our experts