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New Arlo data centre in Canada!

A growing number of North America training operations are choosing to use Arlo to power their business. That’s why we’ve introduced a Canadian data centre – to support them with their data management and make Arlo’s service even faster for their administrators.

Remind me, what is cloud storage?

If you’re not familiar with cloud storage, here’s a quick run-down on the basics. Software as a service (Saas) providers like Arlo no longer store their customers’ data on a computer server in the corner of their office. Instead, they use companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, who have huge data centres all around the globe. Their reputation depends on keeping your data safe and making sure it’s always available for you to access – so they are really good at it!

Cloud storage is hugely secure and super reliable. That’s why Canada’s “cloud-first” strategy recognizes that the cloud “is the preferred option for delivering IT services.” This view is shared by many governments and regulators.

Where does Arlo host its data?

Arlo stores its customer information in AWS data centres in one of three locations: Australia, Ireland and now Canada. For most training businesses the location where their data is stored is not important. Normally we just choose the closest one to a customer.

However, in some countries, states and industries, regulators either recommend or require that customer data be stored in-country. This guidance varies across the board, so it’s best to check in your specific country whether there are any rules that apply to you. For example, British Columbia and Nova Scotia in Canada requires all public sector data to reside in Canada. While in Ontario, only healthcare data must stay local.

So what does that mean for me?

Well, unless you are required to store your data in Canada, not a lot. But a good takeaway to keep your mind at ease is that Arlo’s data security is world-class. Your data is safe, secure and accessible almost instantly!

If you have any questions about Arlo’s data security, feel free to reach out.

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