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Arlo’s powerful training and event engine is built for developers. Seamlessly integrate your website, intranet, accounting system, survey tool, email marketing tool, CRM, LMS, HR system, and other business systems. Use integration solutions others have already created or build your own solution using our sophisticated API.

Your website; Arlo’s power

Our options to easily integrate Arlo into your main website include:

Customise website templates

Choose one of our templates for your Arlo-hosted web pages that most closely suits your needs. Once setup, use a WYSIWYG editor to change the colours, upload images, and edit content on each page.

Customise website themes

Host your pages on Arlo, and customise our theme to match your existing website. When someone visits you and clicks on a menu link to your events section, nothing will tell them that the page they’re taken to is hosted by Arlo. They’ll assume it is all part of the same website. Your event section can include an event calendar, catalogue, search, and presenter profiles.

Integrate into your CMS

CMS integration uses the Arlo API. All website pages and content are hosted by your own website Content Management System (CMS), such as WordPress or Joomla. The CMS pulls event data directly from Arlo’s database, allowing you the flexibility of developing your own custom pages and designs. Read more about website integration and website design considerations and resources

A growing library of widgets

Easily include Arlo website add-ons in your website with a minimum of effort.  Add a list of upcoming events, top events, event search, and much more.  Our JavaScript-based add-ons offer extensive styling and layout flexibility by incorporating JQuery and Knockout technologies.

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API Documentation


Designed for integration with websites, this REST Arlo API is optimised for displaying event (including pricing and discount), presenter and venue information. The API can be called from JavaScript without authentication, and without complex parsing or transformation. It supports JSON and JSONP response formats.

Authenticated REST API (XML)

The REST Arlo API is designed for systems integration (server to server calls), and allows deep access into the Arlo object model. This API is more complex to use, and is intended for integrating with external systems such as CRMs, LMS, and HR systems.  

Web Controls

Prebuilt web controls ready to drop onto any site with the power to extend and customise to meet your unique needs. Access the core Web Control's engine to create your own custom controls.

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We promote the services our partners offer, such as web design, facility provider services, elearning consultancy, and general business consultancy.

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