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Buyer personas

Creating focus with buyer personas

Does you training company have a clear idea of who your target customer or registrant is? Buyer personas are a marketing tool used to...
5 Campaign Ideas for your training business

Five campaign ideas to sell training to past attendees

If you want to sell more training this year, the first thing you should focus on is your customer database. This will be more...
BCG Matrix for training companies

Cows to help you prioritize which courses you run

Introducing, the BCG Matrix for training companies To be a successful training company you will need to evaluate which courses are worth investing in and...
NPS for your training business

NPS for training organisations

Your training organisation runs a programme of courses, all with different presenters, topics and groups of attendees. On the surface, everything appears fine. People...
GDPR, will you be ready?

Data privacy, GDPR and how Arlo can help

Many governments and regulators, including those in Europe, Australia and New Zealand are in the process of tightening their rules around how organizations capture,...
How to reach data zen - Arlo Software

6 ways to reach data zen

Data is at the heart of any training or event organization. It fuels every part of a successful operation, from planning, to marketing, to...
Salesforce Training Management App

Arlo + Salesforce: the best of both worlds

Training and event organizations using Salesforce alone don’t get the full picture on registrations and demand levels, or the ability to properly manage the...
What is the difference between a LMS and TMS?

What’s the difference between a LMS and a TMS?

Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Training Management Systems (TMS) are household names in the education industry. Both an LMS and TMS can be extremely...
6 Things training organisations should not forget

6 Important things your training/learning organisation should not forget

On average businesses lose $13.5 million per 1000 employees every year due to inefficient training (Grovo). In the busyness of managing an offering of...
How to choose an LMS?

How to choose the right LMS for your training organisation?

Choosing an LMS can be difficult. There are many vendors and technologies out there to choose from and a lot of them will not...
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