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Collect, review, approve and register with Arlo’s application workflow

Do you run funded courses with special entry criteria? Do you have courses with limited space so only the best applicants can attend? Do you need to screen applicant to ensure the right people attend? Here is a solution that will bring together and automate your entire application and review process in one place and make it easier to collect individual or team applications for courses.

Arlo’s Application Workflow streamlines complex admissions processes. From application to decision, Arlo lets you track, review and manage your application workflow. Applicants must apply to attend an event, and applications made can be evaluated (approved or declined) by an administrator or review panel at any time. If approved, a place on the course or event is made available for the applicant to register and pay for if required.

It’s important from a user experience standpoint to keep users thinking they are applying on you website. One of the most common mistakes training and event organisations make is a slick course information page that links to a completely unbranded, hard to use and boring application form. The application form’s look and feel can be customised to suit your brand inside Arlo ensuring that users get a premium user experience.

Because various courses or events are evaluated on different criteria, Arlo’s application form can be configured with different and custom fields. This allows training or event organisations to collect information pertinent to the criteria being used to evaluate applicants.

Using applications to evaluate and select applicants is a great way to manage limited space, ensure attendee’s meet prerequisites and special criteria. Arlo provides a solution that can solve a number of your application pains. Contact Arlo Sales for more information.

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